About Us Parish History

Holy Redeemer Parish had its beginning on April 3, 1975 with the appointment of Fr. Norman Droski as its first pastor. This was quickly followed by the purchase of approximately nine acres as a building site. Fr. Droski wrote: “I remember     driving to the site of the future parish. I could not find it as I passed hayfield after hayfield in the township.” The new parish celebrated its first Mass in the Jenison High School auditorium on April 20, 1975, and continued to worship there for three years until the initial part of the church building was completed in 1978.

Fr. Thomas G. Simons became the Parish’s second pastor in 1984. By this time the parish had grown from the initial 310 families to 660 families. Soon plans were in the works to expand the parish facilities. The phase II building addition completed in 1987 added the Emmaus Chapel, classrooms, and enlarged the parish center (Shepherds Hall).

Fr. Denis P. Nash was appointed Holy Redeemer’s third pastor in 1991. The parish continued to grow and thrive.       Now with 850 parish families the facilities continued to grow and change as well, with the enclosure of the entryway and the installation of beautiful stained glass windows. The Phase III building addition added additional classrooms, a gymnasium/family center (Activity Center), and a music rehearsal room.

The fourth pastor of Holy Redeemer parish, Fr. Richard J. Lawie put into place a strategic planning process that formed committees to look at the future needs of the parish. With the beginning of the 21st century he led the different groups of committees: Community Life, Social Justice, Pastoral Care, Faith Formation, and Finances to look at the needs and future growth of the parish in the next ten to fifteen years. This was a growing area in population and there was a need to look at how the parish would be readied to meet those needs.

In 2003 Fr. Ronald D. Hutchinson was named as the fifth and current pastor of Holy Redeemer Parish. In 2004 the church and sanctuary were renovated in addition kneelers were added to the pews and a suspended crucifix became a focal point of the sanctuary. 2006 brought the completion of the Activity Center when the kitchen was installed. The Activity   Center has become a place where the parish family gathers for hospitality, fellowship, and worship throughout the year.

In April 2008 ground was broke and construction began on a new parish Nursery which was completed in August of 2008 and is now used by Holy Redeemer’s youngest parishioners at both Sunday Masses. Our Nursery also provides child care for our faith formation catechists as well as the many adult formation opportunities which are offered through out the year. Also in the summer of 2008 a prayer garden with the Stations of the Cross was constructed off the southwest corner of the parking lot with the help of our Knights of Columbus Council and their families.

In July 2016 Bishop David Walkowiak installed our sixth Pastor Fr.. Roc Majalla SAC.

The Holy Redeemer Parish family continues to grow as we now have nearly 1000 registered families and our parish has become a very strong presence in this community. Together through the stewardship of our parish family and our many ministries, including a very strong outreach ministry we will continue to offer this community and the wider community an opportunity to experience the love of Christ.

In 2017 we celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the building our church with several events. A Family Drive-in Movie Night, Hand2Hand Food Truck on site, Redeemers Outreach Awareness Hospitality, a Parish Mission Mercy with Richard  Champigny and on Sunday, October 8, 2017 we celebrated our 40th Anniversary Mass with Bishop Walkowiak presiding which included the unveiling of our Divine Mercy Image.

On Sunday, April 8, 2018 we hosted our first diocesan wide Divine Mercy Sunday Celebration of Praise, Adoration, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

In August of 2018 Fr. Roc Majalla returned to his home land, India, to minister to his community after 11 years of service to the Diocese of Grand Rapids.

Bishop Walkowiak then appointed Fr. Donald Weber to our parish as a Canonical Administrator until spring of 2019 when a new pastor will be named. Fr. Chuck Fischer and Fr. Mel Fox will assist with liturgical responsibilities.