Faith Formation for Children & Youth Children & Youth in Grades Pre-School - High School

2021-2022 Faith Formation Registration in now open.

Welcome Faith Formation Families 2021-2022

If you would like to register for Faith Formation Classes please contact Sally in the Faith Formation Office at 669-0820 ext. 1108 or email In person Classes began September 21st.

FIRST EUCHARIST REGISTRATION FORM (2nd Grade Students – Must be completed in addition to your Family Registration Form)

CONFIRMATION RECORD FORM (8th Grade Students – Must be completed in addition to your Family Registration Form)

2021-2022 Faith Formation Calendar

Sunday School 2021-22 Calendar

Our faith formation program stands upon building a lasting, fruitful relationship between students and their faith, their family, and in fellowship with one another. We have chosen a comprehensive curriculum called Spirit of Truth to bring these standards to fruition. Published by Sophia Institute for Teachers,  Spirit of Truth seeks to grow children in relationship with God using the methods that God revealed Himself to us. This Divine Pedagogy forms the backbone of how students will journey in their faith. Each year they will not just build on concepts discovered in previous years, but they will rediscover God in a deeper way, each according to his or her own grade level. Using Scripture as a foundation and the Catechism as the source for teaching, Spirit of Truth  provides students the opportunities to learn and grow not just in knowledge, but in relationship with God. The family component offered through this program ensures that this pedagogy, or method of teaching, does not simply rest in the classroom; it is meant for the whole family to engage and grow in faith. We are pleased to be offering these faith formation opportunities for to all of you!


Children’s Liturgy of the Word

churchkidsThis ministry is offered during the Sunday 8:30 and 11:00 AM Mass to children in grades 1-2 from September to April. Children attend Mass with their parents through the greeting and opening prayers. Children wishing to participate are called forward, dismissed, and process to the Window Room. The leader reads the Scripture for the day, helps the children discover the meaning of God’s word in their lives, and leads them in prayer. Children will return to their parents after the Prayers of the Faithful.

Contact Marija Bilic for additional information.