Youth Ministry

Holy Redeemer Parish Youth Ministry

The purpose of Youth Ministry is to provide opportunities for our youth to become more aware of who they are as Catholics, learn how they can actively be disciples of Christ, deepen their relationship with their God, and bring the Gospel message to others.

As approved by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and stated in the document, Renewing the Vision, our Youth Ministry aims to:

  1. Empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today,
  2. Draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the Catholic faith community, and
  3. Foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person.

 living stations

Spiritual Life: Youth Ministry at Holy Redeemer Parish creates a space for youth to encounter Christ in Sacrament and relationship, and to learn how God is calling them to respond to His love in their day-to-day lives.  Through prayer, Sacraments, retreats, and conferences, we raise our hearts and minds to our Lord and find fulfillment in our Source and Summit, Christ in the Eucharist.

trunck or treatCommunity: As a vibrant Catholic community, we spur each other on to love and good works while having lots of wholesome fun!  Together, we stand strong.  A Christian alone is a Christian in danger.  As unique members of the body of Christ, the Lord calls us out of ourselves to love one another.

mystery bus tour busFaith Formation: Our junior and senior high core teams form disciples through authentic Christ-centered relationships.  Junior High Ministry utilizes Our Sunday Visitor’s Faith Fusion curriculum for 7th grade and Ascension Press’ Chosen program for 8th grade.  Two texts approved by the United States Council of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Essentials and The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth, form the foundational curriculum for Senior High Ministry.  Dynamic youth nights enliven the truths of our Catholic faith as we grow in relationship with Christ and each other.

mystery bus tourStewardship: The Lord has blessed us with material, spiritual, and personal gifts.  In response, we glorify God by ministering in the Liturgy and by living out the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.  Junior High youth volunteer at parish-wide events and Senior High youth regularly pack food for Hand2Hand Ministries.

*Junior and Senior High permission forms are available in the Faith Formation office. Permission forms for off-site events are mandatory for all participants, including non-parishioners.




water wars 2015   Junior High Youth Ministry (Grade 7 & 8)

Spiritual Life: CROSSROADS Youth Ministry Rally, Shine Youth Rally, Confirmation Retreat, Diocesan Youth Events, and more.

Formation: Both 7th and 8th grades follow the Faith Fusion Curriculum and the Chosen program in preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Community: Holy Redeemer Youth Ministry Kickoff, Ice Breakers, small group discussions at Youth Nights, Shine Youth Rally, and more.

Stewardship: Altar Serving, Youth Ensemble, Youth Choir, Parish picnic, Knights of Columbus Fish-Fry’s, Coffee and Donuts, Trunk or Treat, and many other opportunities throughout the year.

Contact Mike Hurst for additional information.

Sacrament of Confirmation: Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation is a two-year process.  Over the course of two years, Confirmation Candidates work through the Faith Fusion (Our Sunday Visitor) and Chosen (Ascension Press) Curriculums which provide the foundation for well-rounded catechesis.   The Sacrament of Confirmation may be celebrated when a candidate is in the eighth grade or older.

During our youth ministry nights, junior high youth have an opportunity to pray together and discuss matters of the faith in Christ-centered small groups. Because of the important role the parish plays in preparing Candidates for this Sacrament, there is no online option for Sacramental Preparation.

Senior High Youth Ministry (Grades 9-12)


Spiritual Life: CROSSROADS Youth Ministry Rally, National Catholic Youth Conference, Winter Retreat, Bible Study, One Bread, One Cup Liturgical Conference, Diocesan Youth Events, and more.

Formation: The Senior High Ministry program is based on the core curriculum in place by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).  The core teachings are: Sacred Scripture, Person of Christ, Pascal Mystery, Church, Sacraments, Morality, Social Justice, and vocations.  These teachings will be taught through the four years of Senior High Faith Formation.

Community: Holy Redeemer Youth Ministry Kickoff, CROSSROADS Youth Ministry Rally, Post Family Farms, Winter Retreat, One Bread, One Cup Liturgical Conference, and more.

Stewardship: Mystery Bus Tour, Hand2Hand ministries, Living Stations of the Cross, Summer Mission Trip, and more.

Contact Mike Hurst for additional information.